Share Kindness

Share Kindness

Last November, I was a vendor at a local Christmas Arts Market. That day is fresh in my memory for a couple reasons.

The first being, we took our boys with us to the show. That was the first (and probably last) time. They were such good sports, but it was an incredibly long day for them. We were all a hot mess by the end of the show.

The other reason takes a little more explaining. The day of the market, it was raining and super muggy (thanks, Texas). I was disappointed to find out that several of the vendors to one side of me did not show up and so it made my booth slightly secluded from all the action. I didn’t sell as much as I thought I would — in fact, if I’m being totally honest, I only sold a few things. Such a let down! I was feeling so guilty for bringing my whole family to the show and not returning with a profit (my husband is a really good sport!).


Anyway, as the show was winding down, I walked across the way to talk to the artist in the booth facing mine. I had been eying his beautiful pottery all day. We started making vendor small talk. He asked if I had sold much that day and I tried to make selling nothing sound as optimistic as possible. We talked for a while — he is a high school art teacher and family man.


Soon, it was time to pack up. As I was wrapping up my books, he came over to my booth with a bowl in hand. “You should have this. I was so blessed today.” I tried to refuse but he said, “It’s a gift. You have to take it.”


His generosity brought tears to my eyes. I’m a stranger to that man and his kindness has left a lasting impression on me.

I want to be that kind of person.

Now, the bowl sits in my kitchen as a reminder to share kindness.



  1. I love this story

  2. beautiful.

    miss you

  3. jeannette franklin Says: March 10, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    thanks sarah for the story/ it was beautiful.

    i miss you so i am so glad to see your work

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